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Necsa Training

IAEA Information and Computer Security Regional Training Course

The Regional Training Course on Information and Computer Security for Facilities that handle Nuclear and other Radioactive Material is taking place in the Cape Town between 7 and 11 November 2016. Thirty delegates from across Africa (including Necsa) are attending this course sponsored by the IAEA. Five Experts/Lecturers from the IAEA are presenting the lectures.

Radiation Protection Training Centre (RPTC) awards RPO 2 certificates to 15 qualified students

RPTC handed Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) certificates to 15 students who completed RPO training on 01 April 2016. Four students are from Gauteng, three from Limpopo, one from Kwazulu Natal and six from North West. Students were funded by CITA, Necsa and Royal Bafokeng in Rustenburg.

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Radiation Protection Centre (RPTC)

The Radiation Protection Centre (RPTC) is proud to have issued certificates to 32 delegates from the Hawks Division of the SAPS took a bold step when they established the RPTC. The centre, the only one of its kind in Africa, is accredited by EWSETA and offers:

  • Radiation Protection Monitoring (RPM) course at NQF level 3
  • Radiation Protection officer (RPO) courses at NQF levels 4 and 5.

The centre also offers a number of short courses, such as:

  • Radiation Protection in Beverages, Industrial Radiography (NDT), logging, wood, plastic and paper
  • Basic Nuclear security courses
  • Nuclear Safety and Medical Intervention course
  • Nuclear Safety course in Mining
  • Nuclear safety courses for non-radiation workers

The Training centre was launched on 25 March 2014 by Dr Rob Davis. Necsa prides itself for having this state of the art centre. Dr Mavunda masterminded the setup, the selection of modern equipment and the development of different courses in Radiation Protection.

The centre has already admitted 19 RPMs from Royal Bafokeng and 18 RPOs level 1 from Necsa. Three of these level 1 RPOs and 13 Security personnel from Necsa have completed their training.  The centre have also provided training to employees of 3 mines in Botswana (23 delegates); six medical practitioners; and employees of Coca Cola, Highveld Steel and Robotube. The centre is expecting 18 IAEA employees from IRAQ in January 2014.

Strengthening Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources

NLM in cooperation with the IAEA recently hosted an interregional training course to provide participants with hands-on training in conditioning Category 1 and 2 disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRS). 

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