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Registration of Suppliers

Necsa Group (Necsa, NTP & Pelchem) aims to achieve the best value for money when buying or selling goods and obtaining services.

Necsa Group believes in treating suppliers with respect and dignity, and therefore it is important to have a selection process that enables us to serve our suppliers as effectively and efficiently as possible. All companies are eligible for competency rating and potential registration as suppliers. Necsa subsidiary companies (NTP & Pelchem) share Necsa’s supplier’s database for the registration of suppliers. 

A Prequalification system is used by Necsa to identify potential contractors who would be allowed to tender for certain categories of supply. Companies that are successful with the prequalification should not expect to be awarded any contract; it simply implies that the company is free to bid for a particular tender/bid. Please note that Necsa have the right to verify any information contained in the prequalification documents.

Only suppliers registered on Necsa’s Group supplier’s database will be considered to supply Necsa Group with goods or services. Necsa Group will register suppliers after determining their competency profiles.