NTeMBI Projects

NTeMBI focuses on the implementation of projects related to human health including:

  • Development and assessment of metal containing drugs for cancer treatment using radiolabelling;
  • Imaging and therapy for cancer and other diseases using radioisotopes of rhenium and technetium compounds linked to biologically active molecules;
  • Imaging as a tool in the development of drug delivery systems and new drugs –especially for tuberculosis;
  • Imaging as a tool in developing new diagnostics and drugs for infection – especially for tuberculosis;
  • Imaging brain receptors using radiolabelled compounds;
    The use of radiolabelled receptor site targeting compounds for early detection and therapy of cancer;
  • Assessment of natural products for disease prevention and therapy using labelling;
  • Imaging biomarkers using radiolabels;
  • Assessing the Sterile Insect Technique for malaria mosquitoes in a South African setting;
  • Radiosensitivity in breast cancer


 Photos made available from the Vector Control Reference Unit of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

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