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Nuclear Liabilities Management Department

New milestone with 2 x Type A surface disposal trenches

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Fifth Worldwide Review on Nuclear Waste Disposal in Geological Formations

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (managed by the US Department of Energy) has just published the Fifth Worldwide Review on Nuclear Waste Disposal in Geological Formations. The Nuclear Liabilities Management (NLM) Department, part of Necsa’s Operations Division has authored three consecutive publications since 2001 in the Worldwide Review representing progress and research made in South Africa regarding radioactive waste isolation in geological formations.

NLM’s contribution for the 2016 edition was authored by E Raubenheimer (Necsa), MAG Andreoli (Independent Consultant), C Beyleveld and AC Carolissen (NRWDI).

This publication focusses on advances made at Vaalputs in terms of soil sciences, geo-tectonics, geohydrology and radionuclide behaviour. The development work of the BOSS Concept (Borehole Disposal of Spent Radioactive Sources) at Vaalputs have been demonstrated in terms of the required disposal site characteristics and the actual site selection process.

For the full report of all 23 participating countries, click here