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Speaker List of the ANDM workshop
The workshop proceeding was opened with a welcoming by Andrew Venter followed by an introduction by Chick Wilson on modern neutron diffraction methods and applications. This was followed by invited talks by lecturers in 5 topic areas covering I: Materials, Solid State Chemistry and Environmental Science; II: Biological Structure; III: Physics and Magnetism; IV: Chemical Structure; V: Instrumentation and Techniques.

Talks in the topic areas consisted:

  1. Lynne McCusker, ETH-Zentrum, Switzerland: Complementarity of X-ray and neutron diffraction in zeolite structure.
    Alex Lappas, Foundation for research and Technology, Greece: Relations of stoichiometry to     structure and structure to properties by neutron diffraction in low-dimensional electronic materials.
    Michele Catti, Università di Milano Bicocca, Italy: Powder diffraction studies at high resolution on NASICON Li and H ionic materials.
    Winfried Kockelmann, Universitãt Bonn, Germany and ISIS, UK: Non-destructive analysis and testing of archaeological artifacts and museum objects by neutron diffraction.
  2. Trevor Forsyth, ILL, France: New instrumentation for single crystal and fibre diffraction at the Institut Laue Langevin
    Peter Timmins, ILL, France: Neutron "small angle" crystallography. Contrast variation in single crystals of biological macromolecules.
    Jayne Lawrence, Kings's College London, University of London and ILL: Structural studies of gene delivery vehicles.
  3. Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal, LLB, France: Magnetic structure determination symmetry analysis and simulated annealing using FullProf.
    Clemens Ritter, ILL, France: recent results on magnetism and magneto-structural phenomena studied by neutron powder diffraction.
    Kevin Knight, ISIS, UK: Low temperature structural and thermoelastic properties of clinopyroxenes.
  4. Tom Koetzle, IPNS, ANL, USA: Single-crystal neutron diffraction and the structures of metal hydrides.
    Jacqui Cole, University of Cambridge, UK: The application of neutron data in structural and charge density studies.
  5. Wim Klooster, Bragg Institute, Australia: The new quasi-Laue diffractometer at the replacement research reactor.
  6. Andrew Venter, Necsa, SA: The upgraded neutron powder diffractometer at Safari-1. Ralph Gilles, Technische Universitãt Darmstadt, Germany: Status of the new structure powder diffractometer (SPODI) at the FRM-II in Garching. Chick Wilson, ISIS, UK: Advanced diffraction instrumentation at ISIS and new opportunities at ISIS second target station. Bruno Guérard, ILL, France: Manufacturing of a very large area detector for the D19 single crystal neutron diffractometer.

An informal Rietveld demonstration session was held by Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal, Winfried Kockelmann and Kevin Knight. The meeting was ended with a forward look and future prospects discussion by Robert McGreevy, ISIS, UK entitled: Neutron diffraction: To be or not to be?    


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