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Calibration Laboratory

The Analytical and Calibration Services (ACS) laboratories are situated at Necsa, Elias Motsoaledi Street (Church Street West Extension), R104, Madibeng District, North West Province +/- 20 km West of Pretoria, South Africa.

ACS consist of three specialised laboratories with nuclear licenced and SANAS accredited services:

  • RadioAnalysis (RA) – radioactivity analysis
  • Pelindaba Analytical Services (PAL) – chemical analysis
  • Calibration Services (CAL) – calibration of ionising radiation and contamination monitoring/protection equipment

These facilities are licensed with the NNR to handle Uranium containing samples and other radioactive samples as well.

Our services have been customised to meet the specific needs of the nuclear, fluorine and related industries and play a crucial role in safety, health and environmental control, monitoring programmes, production process monitoring and the certification of product quality from the production facilities at Necsa and in the South African industry in general.

ACS offers an extensive range of services, which can be classified into the following major categories:

  • Radioactivity monitoring, analysis of radioactivity,
  • Chemical analysis (including water analysis, trace metal analysis, trace gas analysis as well as gas sampling), and
  • Calibration of ionising radiation and contamination monitors (including repairs for selected instruments).

Calibration Laboratory (CAL)

CAL is a SANAS accredited Ionising Radiation Metrology laboratory (1203), specialising in the following services:

Technical Advise
CAL metrologists will assist you with identifying the best solution for the calibration and repair of radiation protection equipment.

Personnel radiation protection instrument calibration
CAL is equipped to calibrate electronic personal dosimeters (EPDs and QFDs), which is used to ensure personnel safety.

Portable radiation protection instrument calibration
CAL routinely calibrates a wide range of portable and area/access control radioactivity radiation and contamination monitors.

Access/egress radiation protection instrument calibration
A specialist team is equipped to calibrate fixed position radiation and contamination monitors in radio logically restricted areas at clients’ premises.

Coaching of radiation protection and safety personnel
Assistance is provided in coaching radiation protection personnel in the handling, care and maintenance of radiation and contamination monitors to ensure the extended useful life of these instruments.

Other services
Calibration of stack- and stack sampler flow rate meters for emission monitoring.Support for installation of in-line ionizing radiation monitors (noble gas monitoring).



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