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Pelindaba Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical and Calibration Services (ACS) laboratories are situated at Necsa, Elias Motsoaledi Street (Church Street West Extension), R104, Madibeng District, North West Province +/- 20 km West of Pretoria, South Africa.

PAL is a SANAS accredited laboratory (T0168) providing chemical analytical services, which include specialization in uranium and fluoride chemistry-related analysis, as well as sampling and analysis support for environmental and process monitoring. The following analytical services are provided:

Technical Advise
PAL scientists will assist you with identifying the best solution for nuclear, environmental and gas chemistry analysis needs, based on years of experience in the field. PAL has developed systems for stack emission, workplace air, process emissions and on-line plant sampling of 
airborne chemicals.

Element analysis
PAL routinely performs analyses for most elements in the periodic table at concentrations from percentage level to parts per trillion. Elemental analysis can be performed in a variety of sample matrices including water, metal, alloys, chemical compounds, dust, soil, agricultural and biological samples. Sampling requirements and sample preparation is critical and the consultants will provide advice and guidance on these requirements.

Additional information may be obtained by performing a XRF analysis or ICP analysis in scan mode to identify the major components when working with unknown samples.

The laboratory is accredited by SANAS for the analysis of uranium isotopes in urine at parts per trillion levels.

Gas analysis
PAL performs gas sampling and gas analysis using various gas chromatography (GC) techniques including GC-MS. Other instrumentation includes Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), ion chromatography (IC) and high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems for gas samples absorbed onto or into a suitable absorption material. The analyses include:

Trace impurities in gases: CO, CO2, HF, SF6, N2, O2, H2 , CH1-4 using GC/PDHID and FTIR
Freon analysis (refrigerants) using GC/MS and performed according to the AHRI-700 Standard
Ion chromatography (IC) analysis for: Cl, F, SO4, NO3, NO2, PO4 
Moisture in gas samples using coulometry.

PAL has developed gas sampling instrumentation, which allows the sampling of gasses without contamination or the need for power. These may be used in the field where there is no power or down in a mine without any hazard of causing explosions. This sampling equipment allows for accurate sampling and analysis of any air sample eg: exhaust gases, stack emissions, ambient air and even toxic gases.

Water analysis
PAL routinely measures a wide suite of analytes in water samples including pH, conductivity, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, hardness, alkalinity, orthophosphate, free chlorine, oxygen demand, oxygen absorbed, ammonia, anions, cations, e-coli, faecal-coli as well as oil and grease. 

SANAS accreditation is in place for the analysis of pH, Electrical Conductivity and Dissolved solids.

Uranium related analysis
A licensed facility is available to perform analysis on Uranium containing compounds for uranium, isotopic composition of Uranium and impurities in Uranium. This facility also participates regularly in the NBL proficiency testing for uranium analysis.

Environmental Monitoring
Water analyses (pH, EC, PO4, F-, TDS, TSS, COD, Ca, K, Na, Mg, e-coli, faecal-coli etc.)
Chemical & elemental major (%), minor (high ppm), trace (ppm) & ultra trace (ppt) analysis for drinking and waste water analysis. Drinking water, as well as waste water, must comply with the South African national standard for drinking water (SANS-241 specification). Note that Uranium is also included in the latest specification and these laboratories can perform these analyses.

This is the only laboratory in South Africa, which is SANAS Accredited for the analysis of uranium isotopes in liquids at ultra trace levels.

Bio-monitoring of personnel
Routine monitoring of personnel is supported through urine analysis, which includes fluoride, uranium isotopes and other heavy metals.

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