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RadioAnalysis Laboratories

The Analytical and Calibration Services (ACS) laboratories are situated at Necsa, Elias Motsoaledi Street (Church Street West Extension), R104, Madibeng District, North West Province +/- 20 km West of Pretoria, South Africa.

RadioAnalysis is a SANAS accredited radio analytical laboratory (T0111) specialising in the measurement of radioactivity in solids, liquids and air.

Radioactivity is a naturally occurring phenomenon that manifests everywhere around, and even inside, us. Plants, water, rocks, the air we breathe and the potassium in our bones all contain low levels of radioactive substances. This has been so since the creation of the universe. When radiation passes through matter it transfers energy to atoms and molecules. When the radiation is sufficiently energetic, it will knock electrons out of atoms to form charged ions and free electrons – a process known as ionisation. When radiation is energetic enough to cause ionisation it is called ionizing radiation. The energetic shorter wavelength ultraviolet radiation in the sun’s spectrum is a well-known form of ionizing radiation and can cause skin damage through disruption of atomic and molecular bonds. Radioactive radiation is an even more energetic form of ionizing radiation. The three principle kinds are alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.

Protection from radiation and the measurement of allowed personnel radiation exposure is closely related. The measurement of alpha and beta particles and gamma radiation is performed using a variety of techniques e.g.: alpha and beta counters and gamma spectrometers.

This measurement for radioactivity is performed through the following services:

Technical Advise
Scientists will assists you with identifying the best solution for radioactivity analysis needs, based on years of experience in the field, including advice on sampling and sample preparation for radionuclide analyses.

Bio-monitoring of Personnel
Routine analyses are undertaken of urine (for ingested total uranium, tritium and actinides) and personal air filters (gross radioactivity on personal air filters).

Workplace Surveillance
To ensure the personnel are working in a safe environment it is necessary to determine their exposure to ionising radiation. For this purpose it is required to perform regular radioactivity measurements on surface contamination smears, radioactive source leak tests, area air filters and stack emission filters for radioactivity (gross alpha beta and iodine).

Processing and Waste Monitoring
Radioactive monitoring of liquid, solid and gaseous waste is supported (radioactive stack emission sample analysis for gross uranium, tritium,   iodine releases, low and high level radioactivity characterisation of liquid waste)

Environmental Monitoring
Routine analyses are carried out for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) and manmade radioactivity in various sample matrices: analysis of water (bottled, drinking, river, dam, borehole), agricultural produce (including certification of cesium levels in import/export shipments), biological (milk, vegetables, meat, fish, plants) and geological (soil, sediment, rock) samples for uranium and thorium decay chain progeny and man-made radioactive materials.

Other services
Integrity testing of radioactive source containers by analysis of surface smears to detect leaks.

Certification of radionuclide and radiochemical purity of active pharmaceutical ingredients for medical radioisotopes (Mo-99 and I-131).

ACS Sample Reception:
A dedicated laboratory sample and instrument reception for all three the laboratories is available at Gate 1 (Receptionist: Mrs Hantie Visagie (012) 305 5728). GPS co-ordinates S25 47.905 E27 54.787

1) Receptionist at Gate 1: +27 12 305 5728

2) Reception at RidioAnalysis Building P1600: + 27 12 305 5527 / 5193 or email:; and

3) Technical Expert / Client Liaison Mr Deon Kotze: + 27 12 305 5243 or e-mail:

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