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About NTeMBI


The overall objective of NTeMBI is to be a national technology platform to cover the complete innovation process, from groundbreaking discovery research to the successful introduction of new products and services into the market.

In this process all relevant roleplayers will be involved, including higher education institutions, research organisations, government departments and agencies, the business community and the private sector.  The outcome of this process will enable the innovative application of nuclear technologies in medicine and the biosciences.


NTeMBI, as the leading centre of competence for the development and widespread deployment of nuclear technologies in medicine and the biosciences, contributes significantly and uniquely to the improvement of quality of life in South Africa and the rest of Africa.


To facilitate innovative application of nuclear technologies in medicine and the biosciences through research capacity development and knowledge transfer.


In order to fulfil the mission, NTeMBI will strive towards:

  • The development and implementation of an innovative and national research agenda in its fields of interest;
  • Developing a cadre of talented researchers, scientists, technologists and allied professionals; and
  • Creating a supportive infrastructure for collaborative research, technology transfer and market penetration of new technologies.

This will be achieved by creating a research and technology platform that will:

  • Actively encourage linkages with partners performing research and development in the relevant fields;
  • Actively encourage interdisciplinary and cross-fertilizing collaboration and contribute to an integrated and national research agenda;
  • Accelerate the discovery and development of novel technologies to address the pressing needs in health care and the biosciences;
  • Make resources easily accessible to a wide range of researchers and thereby promote a multifaceted and cost-effective approach to research; and
  • Develop capacity, both human and infrastructure, to meet national needs and to operate according to international standards.