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Emergency Procedure

Necsa site alarm test notice

In order to test the public address system and to acquaint all tenants, personnel and neighbours with Necsa’s site emergency alarm, the alarm is activated for a short while on each first Monday of a month. If the Monday falls on a public holiday, it will be tested on the following Monday. A sms is sent as a reminder monthly, if you want to receive it, forward your detail by SMS or WhatsApp as:" ADD" to 081 481 7002 

This is done according to the NNR's regulation to make sure neighbours and all people on site can hear the alarm system.

2018 Dates for Necsa’s site alarm to be tested
 7 January 5 February  5 March  9 April
 7 May  4 June  2 July  6 August 
 3 September  1 October  5 November  3 December


Also see our Public Safety Information Forum page.

What to do in case of an Emergency

Necsa 24 hour emergency number: (012) 305 3333 (Ambulance and Fire)

  • Stay calm
  • Go indoors (Staying indoors provides significant protection)
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Switch off air conditioners
  • Tune into Radio Jacaranda (94.2FM) or Motsweding (89.6-91FM) for instructions
  • Periodic announcements shall be made concerning the emergency status and actions that must be taken. If it is necessary to evacuate a specific area, an announcement stating the safest route shall be made
  • Only use the telephone if it is absolutely necessary since it may be necessary to contact you by telephone
  • BE A GOOD neighbour. If you see anyone outdoors please advise him/her to take shelter
  • Help the deaf and disabled
  • If you are travelling by car at the time of the emergency close all your windows and air vents and leave the affected area

In case Necsa’s Telkom land lines are not working, please dial: 083 639 0366 / 082 806 3611

Please see this document below for instructions in other languages.

Emergency Procedure.pdf

Necsa emergency escape routes

Escape Routes.ppt