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Notice of Public Hearings

Notice is hereby given, in terms of section 21 of the National Nuclear Regulator Act (Act No 47 of 1999), for holding Public Hearings relating to the Nuclear Installation Licence Application received from South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) for the Proposed Necsa Smelter Project.

Public Notice NNR Public Hearings Necsa Smelter

Kennisgewing van openbare vehore

Board Notice 147 of 2012

Objectives of Smelter

The main objectives of the proposed smelter are:

  • To decontaminate and destroy sensitive items (separation elements/enrichment technology).
  • To decontaminate materials which cannot be decontaminated with the use of conventional methods.
  • To subtantially reduce the waste volumes.
  • To decontaminate the above materials - in most cases to levels suitable for free release.
  • Improve waste management and control.
  • Minimize the transport of waste and save valuable space at the final disposal facility.
  • All the above actions with have to comply with the NNR requirements for safety and protection of workers, public and the environment.

Smelter information executive summary

Purpose of this Document

The purpose of this document is to provide the general public with background information in order for the NNR (National Nuclear Regulator) to facilitate the Public Hearings which will take place in 2012. The purpose of the public information document (PID) is to provide members of the public with sufficient information regarding the application for authorisation to enable meaningful public participation in the NNR authorisation process. The Public Hearings also present the NNR with an opportunity to demonstrate its role in the radiological protection of the public and the environment.

Smelter public information

Government Gazette Notice of Public Hearings