Process Development at COMPS

COMPS is a research and process engi-neering solutions group located at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. The BeauTi-fueL™ design is a result of an application of the process synthesis and optimization methods de-veloped at COMPS. These methods were used to identify opportunities and sys-temically reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from FT processes. The design builds on our extensive experience in the areas of Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis and Process Synthesis.

Plasma Gasification at NECSA

NECSA’s plasma technology group spe-cializes in high temperature and plasma chemistry for the development of ad-vanced plasma systems and applications such as the gasification and reduction of the volume of a variety of waste materi-als.

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COMPS Contact:
Dr. Michaela Vrey
+27 11 717 7509

NECSA Contact:
Dr. Jaco van der Walt
+27 12 305 3216

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