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Fabrication Courses

These two courses are currently available. 

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What does a Boilermaker do?

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of the Learner in a variety of engineering related sectors. Engineering Fabrication is a generic engineering and trade related qualification that builds on the fundamentals of fabrication. This qualification will provide learners, education and training providers and employers with the standards and the range of learning required to work effectively in various industries making use of engineering fabrication. 

The main skill that is recognized in this qualification is the ability to produce complex components using a variety of fabrication methods. This capability requires an understanding of fabrication theory, and the ability to, lay out and mark off complex shapes; set up and use machinery, develop and fabricate pipe and plate components from complex drawings and sketches, assembling pipelines and steel structures using welding and other mechanical methods. The metal components that the qualified person fabricates will be vital for the construction, maintenance and reliable operation of equipment and machinery in a variety of industries.

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What does a Welder do?

Welding is one of several fusion processes for joining metals. By the application of intense heat,   metal at the joint between two parts is melted and caused to intermix – directly or, more commonly, with an intermediate molten filler metal. Upon cooling and solidification, a metallurgical bond results. 

Since the joining is by intermixture of the substance of one part with the substance of the other part, with or without an intermediate of like substance, the final weldment has the potential for exhibiting at the joint the same strength properties as the metal of the parts. This is in sharp contrast to non-fusion processes of joining - such as soldering, brazing, or adhesive bonding – in which the mechanical and physical properties of the base material cannot be to duplicate at the joint.

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