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Radiation worker training:

According to the Occupational Health and safety Act all personnel must be informed of the hazards they are working with in the workplace by the employer. Furthermore the Nuclear Energy act prescribe that persons who are working as radiation workers must be trained as such. This full day course is based on these acts and give general information to personnel on the hazards of radiation. The Acts, guidelines from the International Atomic Energy Association and Necsa specific documents are used for training purposes.

The radiation worker course is presented to Necsa personnel and with adopting it to our external clients needs are also presented to other companies.

Chemical worker course:

The Hazardous substance Regulations from the Occupational Health and safety act prescribe that all personnel who are working with hazardous chemical substances should be trained as such. Basic safety precautions with workable examples are given to personnel in a full day course.

The Chemical worker course is presented to Necsa personnel and with adopting it to our external clients needs are also presented to other companies.

Noise worker course:

Based on the Noised-induced Hearing loss regulations from the Occupational Health and safety act this course was developed for all personnel who are registered as noise workers. It’s a half day course where personnel are familiarized with the hazards associated with noise and possible hearing loss. 

The noise worker course are presented to Necsa personnel as well as outside companies where a need for this arise due to exposure from noise.

Induction orientation course: 

This course is presented to address the requirements of the Occupational health and Safety act. It is compulsory for all Necsa personnel, service providers, students, lessees, visitors and contractors. The course include requirements from the said act to address all safety, health and other regulatory requirements in general. In house rules, policies and requirements are also included in this course and persons are issued with a pocket book to remind them of their commitment which are signed individually and kept on record for each individual. This booklet also include important telephone and contact numbers.

With minor adjustments this course can be adopted to your specific needs and hazards in your workplace and presented on your site. The safety booklet could also be changed to suite your specific need.

NOSA Courses:

A wide range of NOSA courses are also presented to Necsa personnel and companies outside Necsa by our fully NOSA accredited facilitators. These courses include, but is not limited to, general health and safety courses, safety representative and incident investigation courses. All competent learners are issued with a certificate from NOSA, who are also SAQA accredited.

Courses vary from one to three days. Our focus is to train persons practically to enable them be appointed as eg Health and Safety  Representative and not to only give them knowledge. Please contact us to arrange the NOSA courses for your specific need or for any additional information.