National Science Week

Necsa held its National Science Week 2011, learners  streamed in, all fascinated by nuclear technology, exhibitions and presentations!

Please click on the link to view the Komorant Newspaper Article 04 August 2011

The event was highly successful and many compliments have been received! More than 3000 learners and educators were invited to a fun filled programme of exhibitions, presentations and science shows.

Some feedback from educators and learners received:

"Necsa has taught us so many things which we did not know and for that we are grateful"
"Mostly, I was motivated"
"It is a great Company"
"Quite interesting and very impressive and educational. Learned a lot."
"The innovative presentations showed that radiation is not harmful but helpful"
"Excellent displays and presentations"
"It was good and I can recommend people to visit"
"I have learnt the importance of nuclear energy in our lives"
"It was very fascinating and I got to see the positive side of nuclear energy"
"It is a lot of fun and interesting, a great way to explore different careers."
"I'm impressed with all the hard work, they did really present well"
"We were welcomed with warm hands and the environment is healthy"

To view more pictures on National Science Week please click on a link below

Day 1 - 3

Day 4 - 6


Ms Fabienne Ivaldi and Ms Marie Brunel from CEA, France also joined this year’s National Science Week 2011 at Necsa. Here is a link to their webpage:

Please click on the links below to view the poster presentations for Ms Fabienne Ivaldi and Ms Marie Burnel.

 Interesting facts on radioactivity 671kb

 How to measure pH in your own lab 89kb

 Alternative ways of producing electricity 183kb

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