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R104 Pelindaba Brits Magisterial District
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Acting Divisional Executive

Dr Jan Rijn Zeevaart received his PhD from the Techniese Universiteit Delft in the Netherlands in 2001.

Dr Zeevaart was appointed as head of the Radiochemistry group at Necsa in 2002. He currently leads the Radiochemistry team at Necsa who in the past developed the isotope production processes that now reside with NTP Radioisotopes SOC.

He is a NRF rated researcher since 2009 with a current rating of C1.

The co-author of >50 international publications, >100 conference contributions and credited with 6 patents; he is frequently invited as keynote and plenary speaker at international conferences. 

His research disciplines are radiochemicals & radiopharmaceutical chemistry and he has a keen interest in exploiting these disciplines in designing new radiopharmaceuticals.

He also functions as the NTeMBI (Nuclear Technologies in Medicine and Biosciences Initiative) coordinator and was the NuMeRI (Nuclear Medicine Research Infrastructure) champion from 2016-2019.  Both are national initiatives of the South African Department of Science and Technology and intend to make radiolabelled versions of potential pharmaceuticals available for imaging of the drug entities. Several infection imaging radiopharmaceuticals now form part of the suite of radiotracers available clinically as developed together with Prof Mike Sathekge from the Steve Biko Academic Hospital / University of Pretoria, Nuclear Medicine dept.  

Dr Zeevaart was the recipient of the 2007 South African Chemical Institute’s Raikes Medal and part of the international team awarded the Maria Curie award for best oral presentation at the 31st Annual European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) conference held in Dusseldorf, in October 2018. In March 2019 he received the Top Intellectual Creator Award from the Department of Science and Technology (DST).


Department of Radiochemistry, Necsa, Pelindaba, North West, SA

Extraordinary Professor, Preclinical Drug Development Platform, North West University

Extraordinary Professor, Nuclear Medicine, University of Pretoria

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