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Chief Technology Officer

Thabo Tselane is the Chief Technology Officer at Necsa, a position he has held since his appointment in (MONTH and YEAR).

Tselane, who holds an MSc qualification in nuclear physics from (INSTITUTION), joined Necsa in (YEAR) as (POSITION). Over the years, his problem solving ability, meticulous attention to detail and vast institutional knowledge stood him in good stead as he rose in the ranks at Necsa until he become divisional executive for Nuclear Operations in (MONTH and YEAR).

He proved his mantle as a leader when he took over the top seat at Nesca subsidiary NTP Radioscope SOC Ltd where he acted as managing director.

Prior to joining Necsa, some of the positions Tselane held include senior executive manager for nuclear compliance and enforcement at the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR), vice-chairperson of Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RFC) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), member of the IAEA’s Radiation Safety Standards Committee (RASSC) and Nuclear Safety Standards Committee (NUSSC), and chairperson of the Southern African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA).