Bid Number: FBD-SCM-2019-TEN-0002

Bid Description: Appointment of a Panel of Legal Practitioners (herein referred to as “Service Provider/s”) to provide legal services to Necsa on specific assignments on a needs basis.

Closing Date: 02 July 2019

Closing Time: 11:00am

Bid Validity Period: 120 Days (Commencing the Bid Closing Date)

Briefing: No


1. Necsa’s Appointment of a panel of Legal Services


3.1. NECSA Terms and Conditions of Contract

3.2. Necsa Confidentiality Agreement

4. SHEQ-INS-0100 Rev 9.0_NECSA Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

5. SHEQ-INS-5450 REV 5.0

6. SHEQ-INS-0102 Rev 4.0 Alcohol & Drugs Control Procedures