20 December 2016

Necsa today expressed excitement that the nuclear RFI (Request For Information) had been formally issued.

This RFI is the first step leading to the appointment of one or more foreign specialist suppliers who will work will the South Africa team in the construction of the new fleet of nuclear power stations.

The total new nuclear power output will total 9600 MW when complete. 

The chairman of Necsa Dr Kelvin Kemm said:  “This is an exciting move that this major initiative is now underway.” He added:  “Over forty years ago, in collaboration with foreign partners, South African embarked on the construction of Koeberg nuclear power station.  That decision turned out to be a great success.  This time around we can do even better.” 

Mr Phumzile Tshelane CEO of Necsa said:  “Necsa has been operating a nuclear reactor for over half a century,  we know what we are doing and are pleased to be working together with Eskom on this challenging road, which can deliver so much.”

Kemm said: “Internationally nuclear power had shown itself to be not only an extremely safe form of electricity production, but also a clean and inexpensive option.”

Tshelane said:  “In South Africa nuclear power produces not only South Africa’s cheapest electricity but it also holds the promise of other dramatic economic contributions such as major water desalination.”

The RFI requests countries which wish to submit bids to supply nuclear power station technology to South Africa to indicate that they are intending to bid, by answering a number of questions.  The questions relate to localisation of construction and fabrication technology, training schemes, intellectual property sharing and exposure, and a number of other issues which will form the basis of any large scale mutually beneficial construction programme.

Tshelane said:  “The basic idea of the ‘fleet approach’ for the 9600 MW of power is that as one reactor is being built, that the acquired technology skills are then seamlessly moved over to the next reactor.  In this way we not only establish new technology foundations, but we also keep costs down by using a production line system.”

The RFI will be followed by two rounds of RFP (Request For Proposal) during which time the proposals as to the exact layout and format of the new nuclear power plants will be refined.  Time frames for construction, and nature and method of construction, will also be agreed between the parties.  What will also take place is the integration of the requirements of the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) which has legislative authority over issues related to public safety.


Issued by Dr Kelvin Kemm – Chairman of Necsa

Contact Person:        Carol van Niekerk (PA to Chairman)

                                    Cell no: (074) 376 4519

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