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R104 Pelindaba Brits Magisterial District

Products and Services

  • Research and Technology Development

    R&D continued to perform pipeline research to retain and enhance Necsa’s status as an internationally competitive radiochemical isotope producer, enhancing the quality of life. Besides the development of radiochemical (the so-called precursors for radiopharmaceuticals) the emphasis has shifted further down the value chain to the development of new radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Technology Transfer

    The Necsa Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) strives to provide the following services to the Necsa Group: Cultivativation of an Innovation Ecosystem
  • Analytical and Calibration Laboratory

    Necsa’s calibration facility offers a one stop service for the repair calibration for radiation monitors instrumentation for those responsible for the monitoring of potential radiation hazards.
  • Manufacturing And Engineering

    Pelindaba Enterprises (PEnt) is the commercial division of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa),