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Technology Transfer


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The Necsa Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) strives to provide the following services to the Necsa Group: Cultivation of an Innovation Ecosystem, Recording and Evaluation of Inventions, Management and Prosecution of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Commercialisation of IP.

Nuclear Liabilities Management

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Since early 1900s, the research and development in nuclear science and technology have led to a wide variety of useful applications in medicine, industry, research and the generation of electricity.

NLM, the Nuclear Liability Management department of Operations Division in Necsa, performs its tasks in accordance with the requirements of the South African National and Strategy on radioactive waste management.


Cultivation of an Innovation Ecosystem

  • Create IP awareness via workshops and dialogue
  • Facilitate the alignment of IP strategies with business objectives
  • Identify IP and technology white spaces in line with Necsa’s mandate and core competencies
  • Continuously improve innovation processes and capabilities

Recording and Evaluation of Inventions

  • Facilitate the identification and capture of patentable inventions
  • Register and review Innovation Disclosures (IVDs)
  • Assist with prior art, literature and IP landscaping searches
  • Provide technical and legal inputs to determine the best protection strategy

Management and Prosecution of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • Facilitate the development of invention specification for patent applications
  • Collaborate with patent attorneys to file IP applications
  • Manage IP prosecution and litigation processes
  • Present the IP pipeline as a searchable database via Nucleus
  • IP portfolio management and review
  • Perform Freedom to Operate (FTO) and infringement investigations

Commercialisation of IP

  • IP technological and economic valuation to support commercialisation
  • Assist with funding applications
  • Provide guidance on IP matters in negotiations and agreements
  • Manage licensing agreements
  • Record and manage inventor benefit sharing process
  • Establish an IP governance and exploitation arrangement with Necsa subsidiaries
  • Technology transfer: acquisition of IP and disposal of non-core IP
  • Marketing of IP, technology and expertise.