• Opening Times: Mon - Fri 7:45 to 16:30
R104 Pelindaba Brits Magisterial District

Calibration Laboratory

Necsa’s calibration and metrology facility offers a one-stop service for the calibration, repair, inspection, verification and testing of radiation monitoring instruments from a wide variety of manufacturers.  The facility is one of the few in Southern Africa that calibrates and repairs these radiation monitors. It also offers other services in terms of dimensional and pressure calibration. A complete ONE STOP SERVICE is provided which covers the following fields:



1.1 Radiation Metrology

  • Portable and fixed radiation monitors;
  • Personal dosimeters;
  • Provision of on-site calibration service;
  • Radiological surveillance monitors;
  • Diagnostic radiology measurements equipment;
  • Reference dosimeters for external bean radiotherapy;
  • Ionisation chambers;
  • Diagnostic radiology measurement equipment;
  • Non-destructive testing equipment and instrumentation; and
  • Metal detectors.

1.2. Professional Metrology Services

  • Development of calibration procedures and test methods on behalf of clients;
  • Performing Radiation Leak Test for sealed sources;
  • Provision of expert advice services w.r.t. procurement of appropriate equipment and instrumentation;
  • Undertakes specialised instrumentation testing to confirm fitness for purpose; and
  • Validation of the new instrument performance to demonstrate compliance with manufacturer specifications.

1.3. Dimensional Metrology

  • Setting ring/Plugs
  • Micrometres
  • Dial indicators
  • Height masters
  • Gauge blocks
  • Ring and plug thread gauges
  • Surface tables
  • Callipers
  • Ring gauges
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Spirit levels
  • Bore comparators
  • Magnetic sine bars

1.4. Pressure Metrology

  • Gauge pressure 3kPa to 300kPa air medium;
  • Gauge pressure 100kPa to 120kPa oil; and
  • Gauge pressure 100kPa to 60mPa other mediums.

1.5. Gas Monitor Calibration (Gas Leak Detector calibration)

  • Air Samplers;
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitors;
  • Tritium Monitors; and
  • Hydrogen Sulfide monitors.

1.6 Temperature and Humidity


  • Ensure that monitoring instruments are performing to the expected standards of accuracy and reliability.
  • Ensure compliance to metrological legal requirements imposed to the operator in terms of license conditions.
  • To assure that measuring and test equipment is suitable for its intended use and capable of producing valid results and performance qualification of the equipment.
  • Assist the company to demonstrate compliance with fair trade and general occupational health and safety, specifically where there is a legal requirement to do so.
  • Calibrated instruments should guarantee correct measurement results throughout the whole period of use under working conditions, within given permissible errors.
  • Turnaround is within 5 days where a calibration method already exists, otherwise, 30 to 60 days if a method, not in place;
  • Where a client is unable to deliver instruments, we collect in person or via our agents existing locally and abroad;
  • Provision of clear and fully-documented calibration certificate;
  • Our services not limited to just calibration but we do perform repairs on most instrumentation.


  • More than 10 years of operating a SANAS accredited facilities for calibration of radiation monitors;
  • Have competent scientist and technicians certified by competent regulatory bodies such as SANAS, SACNASP, etc.
  • Providing calibration services both locally and in neighbouring countries.
  • Our staff is registered with competent and internationally recognised professional associations such as SARPA, NLA, etc.
  • Participating in a number of Proficiency testing and inter-comparison studies.
  • Participation in various IAEA coordinated research projects.


  • Mining & Mineral Processing Sector,
  • Health Care Sector
  • Government sectors
  • State Owned Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Ionizing radiation metrology,
  • Nuclear safety,
  • Nuclear medicine,
  • Radiopharmaceuticals,
  • Environmental radioactivity