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Industrial Isotope Technology

Necsa’s Industrial Isotope Technology (IIT) section offers several services related to industrial use of radioactive isotopes, backed by Necsa’s expertise in engineering, chemistry, radiation sciences and nuclear safety.

IIT provides services in the following areas:

  • Plant Inspections
  • Gamma radiation scans
  • Tracer studies

Plant Inspections

Necsa’s Industrial Isotope Technology (IIT) Section offers plant inspection services (also known as leak test of radioactive sealed sources) to various industries in South Africa, as well as its neighbouring states.

The following services will be provided:

At client’s site

  • Taking smear samples of each radioactive source.
  • Measuring dose rate on source container and Nearest Access Point (NAP).
  • Check signage
    1. Radiation warning signs
    2. Emergency contact details
    3. Radiation source details
  • Check radiological safety of the source storage facility.
  • Verify correctness of source register.

At Necsa

  • Analysis of samples.
  • Compile plant inspection reports.
  • Certificate of analysis from smear samples.
  • Updated source register.

Gamma scans

Process diagnostics with the aid of radioactive isotopes is an indispensable tool to many industries. IIT offers gamma transmission scanning, neutron backscatter measurements and tracer studies. These non-invasive methods can provide priceless information unobtainable through other means. We pride ourselves on the cost-effectiveness of our service, with cost-benefit factors of 20 or more being typical. Facilities making use of radioactive sealed sources in nucleonic gauges (for instance level or density gauges) require leak inspection bi-annually in South Africa, and annually in some neighbouring states. At client's’ site the following happens; taking smear samples, measuring dose rates (NAP), check signage (radiation warning signs, emergency contact details, radiation source details), check radiological safety at the source storage facility.

Tracer studies?

  • We provide on-site radioactive diagnostic services in South Africa, as well as neighbouring states.
  • IIT also conducts radiation protection safety officer training, for industrial clients who make use of radioactive sealed sources and require a radiation protection safety officer on the plant. This training is offered on-site, and is recognized by the Department of Health.

If you require advice on radioactive materials in your facility, or have a process problem that is difficult to diagnose, please contact our experts. Necsa IIT is also open to support research in the fields of applied radiation technologies and process engineering, among others. Requests from universities and other educational institutes are therefore more than welcome.


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