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Necsa Technologies

The following technologies are patented or patent-pending technologies available for licensing, co-development and co-commercialization:


A new cancer diagnostic and therapeutic two-stage direct targeting radiopharmaceutical compound is currently being developed by the Necsa Radiochemistry group.

Numerous advantages of GluCABTM over conventional cancer diagnostics and therapeutic procedures will include improved bio-distribution that will significantly lower pharmacological toxicity and side effects.

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Cisplatin is a very common chemotherapeutic pharmaceutical in the treatment of ovarian, cervical, testicular, bladder, head and neck carcinomas.

Necsa optimized this product by synthesising 195mPt-Cisplatin as a companion radiopharmaceutical imaging agent for oncologists to tailor cancer treatment with “cold” (non-radioactive) Cisplatin for individual patients.

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Fluoro Pack®

Fluorinated packaging materials, such as High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), have become the material of choice for the containment, transportation and preservation of various products.  Pelchem has 20 years’ experience with surface fluorination as a commercial service.

Pelchem is currently in the process of modularising its existing surface fluorination plant technology to offer packaged Modular Surface Fluorination Plants to existing and new clients. These Modular Surface Fluorination Plants can be customised according to the customer’s requirements and specifications. The technology offers can vary from just a licensing agreement for the design to a complete turnkey solution that can include the installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and general management of the plant.

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PF5 Gas

PF5 is used as a catalyst for polymerisation reactions and as a precursor for manufacturing lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6), an electrolyte component in lithium-ion batteries.

Necsa has developed a single-step process for the production of high purity PF5 and sodium hexafluorophosphate (NaPF6).  Furthermore, with only a slight modification to the current model, phosphorus trifluoride gas (PF3) can also be produced. This gas is an important component of etchant gas, which is used in the electronics and platinum sectors.

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Plasma Waste-to-Energy Project (PlasWEn)

Plasma-chemical processing is used in various industrial applications, especially waste treatment.

The Plasma Waste-to-Energy Project (PlasWEn) is a plasma gasification system through which waste materials, including municipal, tyre, medical, organic and nuclear waste, is converted into useable and versatile syngas, which is a mixture of N2, CO and H2. The syngas is then converted into various renewable energy sources, including electricity, methanol, methane, steam, heat and hydrocarbon fuels and associated products.

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