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Global manufacturer and supply of nuclear technology products and services

The NTP Group is one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of nuclear technology-based products and services for the healthcare, life sciences and industrial sectors. Isotopes like Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) support the practice of nuclear medicine, while radioactive sealed sources are used in applications such as non-destructive testing.

The NTP Groups consist of NTP-Radioisotopes SOC Ltd, which is wholly owned subsidiary of Necsa, together with NTP's subsidiary companies AEC-Amersham SOC Ltd (100% owned), NTP Logistics SOC ltd (51% owned), Gammatec NDT Supplies SOC Ltd (55% owned), and Gamwave Pty Ltd (NTP has a shareholding of 40%).




  • Technetium-99m is the primary radioisotope used in nuclear medicine. NTP is a leading global supplier of parent isotope Mo-99 and producer and supplier of NovaTec-P Tc-99m generators.
  • NTP produces and supplies specialist radiopharmaceutical labelling kits, for use in nuclear medicine procedures.
  • The revolutionary dry-shipped NovaTec-P Tc-99m generator offers high-quality, high-yield, and ease of use.
  • Gluscan ® FDG is used for reliable and accurate diagnostic imaging.

Radioactive Sources

  • NTP produces and supplies high-purity activated iridium-192 sources and equipment together with specialist transport, storage, safety and disposal services.


  • Together with its global partners, NTP Radioisotopes supplies up to a third of the world’s supply of lifesaving medical radioisotope Molybdenum-99.
  • NTP is a leading global producer and supplier of I-131.