Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Adamovich, I., Bogaerts, A., Coulombe, S., Hori, M., Magin, T. E., Puac, N., Tarasenko, N., Turner, M. M., Agarwal, S., Ahedo, E., Alves, L. L., Baalrud, S., Babaeva, N., Bourdon, A., Bruggeman, P. J., Canal, C., Choi, E. H., Donkó, Z., Graves, D. B., Hamaguchi, S., Hegemann, D., Kim, H., Kroesen, G. M. W., Kushner, M. J., Laricchiuta, A., Li, X., Mededovic Thagard, S., Miller, V., Murphy, A. B., Oehrlein, G. S., Sankaran, R. M., Samukawa, S., Shiratani, M., Šimek, M., Terashima, K., Thomas Jr, E., Trieschmann, J., Tsikata, S., Van der Walt, I. J., Van de Sanden, M. C. M. & Von Woedtke, T. (2022). The 2022 Plasma Roadmap: Low Temperature Plasma Science and Technology. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics Article ID  AC-PGR-PUB-22001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 27 July 2022 ]
  2. Alawad, B. A. B., Abdelbagi, H., Ntsoane, T. P. & Hlatshwayo, T. (2022). Microstructure of Zirconium carbide ceramicssynthesized by spark plasma sintering Materials and devices, Open Access Journal Materials and Devices Article ID DOI: 10.23647/ca.md20220408.  RS-DIFF-PUB-22003
    [ Publication/Presentation date 23 April 2022 ]
  3. Bokov, P. M. & Botes, D. (2022). Hierarchical Interpolation of Homogenized Few-Group Neutron Cross-Sections on Samples with Uncorrelated Uncertainty. International Conference on Physics of Reactors 2022 (PHYSOR 2022); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; May 2022; “Proceedings published by: ” American Nuclear Society: 3666-3675.  RRT-SUBMIT-PUB-21008 [ Publication/Presentation date 20 May 2022 ]
  4. Bokov, P. M., Botes, D., Prinsloo, R. H. & Tomasevic, D. (2023). A Multi-Group Homogeneous Flux Reconstruction Method Based on the ANOVA-HDMR Decomposition. Nuclear Science and Engineering 197: 308-322.  RRT-SUBMIT-PUB-22003
    [ Publication/Presentation date 01 February 2023 ]
  5. Dube, T. M., Van der Merwe, A. F., Matope, S. & Bissett, H. (2021). Value Chain of the Spheroidisation of Metal with particular emphasis on Titanium: A literature Review. 4th European Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management: 1028-1039.  AC-AMI2020SPH-PUB-21004 [ Publication/Presentation date 02 August 2021 ]
  6. Dube, T. M., Van der Merwe, A. F., Matope, S., Bissett, H., Postma, C. J. & Makhofane, M. M. (2022). Environmental impact assessment of reconditioning of titanium alloy. 2022 RAPDASA-RobMech-PRASA-CoSAAMI Conference 370  AC-AMI2020SPH-PUB-22005
    [ Publication/Presentation date 09 November 2022 ]
  7. Everix, L., Nair, S., Driver, C. H. S., Goethals, I., Sathekge, M., Ebenhan, T., Vandevoorde, C. & Bolcaen, J. (2022). Perspective on the Use of DNA Repair Inhibitors as a Tool for Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy of Glioblastoma. Cancers Article ID 1821.  RC-ADM-PUB-22001 [ Publication/Presentation date 03 April 2022 ]
  8. Glaser, D., Polese, C., Venter, A. M., Marais, D. & Plaisier, J. (2022). Evaluation of laser shock peening process parameters incorporating Almen strip deflections. Surface & Coatings Technology 434:  RS-DIFF-PUB-22004 [ Publication/Presentation date 25 March 2022 but captured in April 2022]
  9. Gouws, A. C., Kruger, H. G., Gheysens, O., Zeevaart, J. R., Govender, T., Naicker, T. & Ebenhan, T. (2022). Antibiotic-Derived Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography: Nuclear or ‘Unclear’ Infecttion Imaging?. Angewandte Chemie-InternationalEdition  RC-ADM-PUB-22002
    [ Publication/Presentation date 14 July 2022 ]
  10. Haruna, A., Barrett, D., Rodella, C., Erasmus, R., Venter, A. M., Sentsho, Z. N. & Ozoemena, K. (2022). Microwave irradiation suppresses the Jahn-Teller distortion in Spinel LiMn2O4 cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. Electrochimica Acta 426: 140786-14089.  RS-DIFF-PUB-22006 [ Publication/Presentation date 10 September 2022 ]
  11. Jacobs, C., Chinaka, E. M. & Bedhesi, L. (2022). Radiation shielding for the transportation of radioactive Lutetium-177. 14th International Conference on Radiation Shielding and 21st Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division: 253-256.  RRT-SUBMIT-PUB-22004
    [ Publication/Presentation date 04 November 2022 ]
  12. Juget, F., Talip, Z., Nedjadi, Y., Durán, M. T., Grundler, P. V., Zeevaart, J. R., Van der Meulen, N. P. & Bailat, C. (2022). Precise activity measurements of medical radionuclides using an ionization chamber: a case study with Terbium-161. Ejnmmi Physics Article ID 19 (2022).  RL-RPCTb161-PUB-22001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 14 March 2022 ]
  13. Kgatle, M., Das, R., Lawal, I., Boshomame, T., Mokoala, K., Gaspar, C., Mbokazi, L., Nkambule, N., Gow, V., Ndlovu, H., Mzizi, Y., Chalwe, J., Diphofa, J., Mokobodi, D., Gxekwa, N., Zongo, L., Maphosa, T., Vorster, M., Bassa, S., Venkatesan, A., Khanyile, R., Munga, Y., Ebenhan, T., Zeevaart, J. R. & Sathekge, M. (2023). The SARS-COV-2 Seroprevalence among Oncology Patients. Journal of Clinical Medicine Article ID jcm-2015360. jcm12020529  RC-MNG-PUB-23002 [ Publication/Presentation date 09 January 2023 ]
  14. Maqabuka, B. G., Bedhesi, L., Chinaka, E. M., Connell, S. H., Daniels, G. C., Naidoo, P., Nicholls, D., Pieterse, F. & Slabber, J. (2022). Fibre Optic Sensors for Nuclear Power Reactors. The Proceedings of SAIP2021, the 65th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics: 241-246.  RD-FOS-PUB-21001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 04 April 2022 ]
  15. Marjanovic-Painter, B., Kleynhans, J., Zeevaart, J. R., Rohwer, E. & Ebenhan, T. (2022). A decade of Ubiquicidin development for PET imaging of infection: a systematic review. Nuclear Medicine and Biology Article ID  RC-ADM-PUB-22003
    [ Publication/Presentation date 13 November 2022 ]
  16. Mbwebwe, J., Kolesnikov, A., Van der Walt, I. J. & Bissett, H. (2022). Validation of computational fluid dynamics method through experimental investigation of the plasma spraying process. 2022 RAPDASA-RobMech-PRASA-CoSAAMI 370  AC-AMI2020SPH-PUB-22003
    [ Publication/Presentation date 05 December 2022 ]
  17. Moloko, L. E., Bokov, P. M., Wu, X. & Ivanov, K. (2022). Quantification of Neural Networks Uncertainties with Applications to SAFARI-1 Axial Neutron Flux Profiles. International Conference on Physics of Reactors 2022 (PHYSOR 2022), Pittsburgh, PA, May 15-20, 2022: 1398-1407.  RRT-SUBMIT-PUB-22002
    [ Publication/Presentation date 15 May 2022 ]
  18. Motsomone, L., Diale, R., Ngoepe, P., Koen, R. & Chauke, H. (2022). Structural and mechanical properties of monazite type LnPO4 (Ln = La, Ce, Pr and Nd). 2022 RAPDASA-RobMech-PRASA-CoSAAMI 370  AC-AMI-PUB-22002
    [ Publication/Presentation date 05 December 2022 ]
  19. Ncwane, S., Greeff, I. & Van der Walt, I. J. (2022). Study on nitrogen plasma gasification for small scale waste processing. Chemical Engineering Research and Design Article ID  AC-PGR-PUB-22002 [ Publication/Presentation date 30 September 2022 ]
  20. Nwaila, G. T., Manzi, M. S. D., Zhang, S. E., Bourdeau, J. E., Bam, L. C., Rose, D. H., Maselela, K., Reid, D. L., Ghorbani, Y. & Durrheim, R. J. (2022). Constraints on the Geometry and Gold Distribution in the Black Reef Formation of South Africa Using 3D Reflection Seismic Data and Micro-X-ray Computed Tomography. Natural Resources Research 31: 1225-1244.  RS-RESSUP-PUB-22002 [ Publication/Presentation date 22 April 2022 ]
  21. Pineau, J., Lima, L. P., Platas-Inglesias, C., Zeevaart, J. R., Driver, C. H. S., Le Bris, N. & Tripier, R. (2022). Relevance of Palladium to Radiopharmaceutical Development considering Enhanced Coordination Properties of TE1PA. Chemistry-A European Journal Article ID e202200942.  RC-RPCPD103-PUB-22001 [ Publication/Presentation date 13 May 2022 ]
  22. Pineau, J., Lima, L., Le Roy, M., Marionneau-Lambot, S., Cordier, M., Le Saec, P., Zeevaart, J. R., Driver, C. H. S., Faivre-Chauvet, A., Le Bris, N. & Tripier, R. (2022). Highly inert Cu(II) complexes of C-aryl bifunctional cyclam-picolinates with remarkable 64Cu-labelling and biodistribution. Chemical Communications 59: 888-891.  RC-RPCPD103-PUB-23001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 21 December 2022 ]
  23. Prinsloo, R. H., Groenewald, S. A., Jacobs, C. & Tomasevic, D. (2022). Demonstration of an Embedded Diffusion Scheme for Modelling the BEAVRS Benchmark Problem. International Conference on Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR 2022); Pittsburg, PA; May 2022: 2773-2782.  RRT-SUBMIT-PUB-22001 [ Publication/Presentation date 04 July 2022 ]
  24. Ramabulana, T., Ndlovu, M., Mosa, R. A., Sonopo, M. S. & Selepe, M. A. (2022). Phytochemical Profiling and Isolation of Bioactive Compounds from Leucosidea sericea (Rosaceae). Acs Omega 7: 11964-11972.  RL-TRANATP-PUB-22002 [ Publication/Presentation date 31 March 2022 ]
  25. Rousseau, G., Fourie, J., Kloppers, C. & Marais, D. (2022). Published article: Effect of stress-relief anneal time on residual stress of Co-Cr-Mo parts manufactured with selective laser melting. 2022 RAPDASA-RobMech-RPRASA-CoSAAMI Proceedings published by Genevieve Rousseau, Jaundrie Fourie, CP Kloppers and Deon Marais Conference (2022) Published article Effect of stress-relief annual time on residual stress of Co-Cr-Mo-parts manufactured with selective laser melting: 1-12.  RS-DIFF-PUB-22007 [ Publication/Presentation date 13 December 2022 ]
  26. Selepe, M., Kunyane, P., Seboletswe, P., Nair, S., Cele, N., Engelbrecht, M., Vandevoorde, C., Singh, P. & Sonopo, M. S. (2022). SAR Studies of Benzoylbenzofuran and Isoflavone Derivatives as Sirtuin 1 Inhibitors and their Antiproliferative effects on MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer cells. Bioorganic Chemistry Article ID  10.1016/j.bioorg.2022.106101.  RC-TRANATP-PUB-20001 [ Publication/Presentation date 12 August 2022 ]
  27. Seya, W. A., Kolesnikov, A., Van der Walt, I. J. & Bissett, H. (2022). Impact of heat transfer on spheroidisation of titanium alloys. Conference of the South African Advanced Materials Initiative; Virtual; October; 2021; Proceeding published by: “Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie”: 274-277.  AC-AMI2020SPH-PUB-21005
    [ Publication/Presentation date 24 January 2022 ]
  28. Seya, W. A., Kolesnikov, A., Van der Walt, I. J. & Bissett, H. (2022). Simulation of the effect of evaporation and gas composition during plasma spheroidisation of titanium particles. 2022 RAPDASA-RobMech-PRASA-CoSAAMI 370  AC-AMI2020SPH-PUB-22004
    [ Publication/Presentation date 05 December 2022 ]
  29. Smit, T. C., Nobre, J. P., Reid, R., Wu, T., Niendorf, T., Marais, D. & Venter, A. M. (2022). Assessment and Validation of Incremental Hole-Drilling Calculation Methods for Residual Stress Determination in Fiber-Metal Laminates. Experimental Mechanics 62: 1289-1304.  RS-DIFF-PUB-22005 [ Publication/Presentation date 21 June 2022 ]
  30. Suthiram, J., Pieters, A., Mohamed-Moosa, Z., Zeevaart, J. R., Sathekge, M. M., Ebenhan, T., Anderson, R. & Newton, C. L. (2023). Tachykinin Receptor-Selectivity of the Potential Glioblastoma-Targeted Therapy, DOTA-[Thi8,Met(O2)11]-Substance P. International Journal of Molecular Sciences Article ID 2134.  GMP-RPCIMBM-PUB-22001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 21 January 2023 ]
  31. Van der Merwe, R., Bissett, H., Van der Walt, I. J. & Cornish, L. A. (2022). Induction melting of three CuAl alloys for good homogeneity for powder spheroidisation. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Article ID 10.1007/s11665-022-07685-5 1.  AC-AMI2020TP-PUB-22001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 06 December 2022 ]
  32. Zanolli, C., Davies, T., Joannes-Boyau, R., Beaudet, A., Bruxelles, L., De Beer, F. C., Hoffman, J. W., Hublin, J., Jakata, K., Kgasi, L., Kullmer, O., Macchiarelli, R., Pan, L., Schrenk, F., Santos, F., Stratford, D., Tawane, M., Thackeray, F., Xing, S., Zipfel, B. & Skinner, M. (2022). Dental data challenge the ubiquitous presence of Homo in the Cradle of Humankind.. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America 119: 1-11.  RS-RESSUP-PUB-22001
    [ Publication/Presentation date 13 April 2022 ]

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