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Necsa Group (Necsa, NTP & Pelchem) subscribes to the Public Finance Management Act 29 of 1999 Chapter 9 paragraph 76 (4) (c) (PFMA), and National Treasury Regulations and all other applicable legislation. Necsa Group, therefore, is obliged to implement and maintain a procurement and provisioning system which is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective. Subsidiary companies are obligated to adhere to all policies and procedures of Necsa including the above.

As part of the tender evaluation process, all vendors are evaluated in respect of their BBBEE, VAT and Tax status before they are contracted. Financial soundness may be assessed with the aid of a classified system to identify the contracting applications and potential risks to Necsa. For all goods and services below R 1 000 000, quotations are requested from approved suppliers on our suppliers’ database. For all goods and services above R1 000 000, tenders are requested from approved suppliers on our suppliers’ database. Pre-qualification of suppliers for selected categories of supply may be required and may proceed via orders, vetting and other means. Necsa Group reserve the right to cancel any tenders at any stage. Phase 1: Evaluation process – Deals mainly with functional aspects such as specifications, quality and requirements by law, incomplete tenders, inaccurate and misleading information. Phase 2: BBBEE and Commercial Evaluation – deals with the provision of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) and Necsa’s BBBEE policy. BBBEE is a socio-economic process to facilitate the participation of Black people in the economy. Necsa fulfils its corporate responsibilities with regard to the BBBEE through affirmative Procurement and other interventions. Tender price evaluation will then also be considered. Phase 3: Tender Adjudication Committee – The top scoring company is submitted for approval to the Tender Adjudication Committee (TAC). All tenders must be received by Necsa in accordance with the closing date and time requested. When a tender is not received by Necsa by the due date and time, it will be regarded as a late tender and will not be considered. Extension on the closing date when applicable will be granted to all responders if necessary. Information regarding the delivery of tenders will be found on the Instructions to Tenderers: Please ensure that all turnaround documents are completed and submitted with the tender.

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