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Necsa Laboratories have been providing specialised professional services to the industry from the 1960s. Our capabilities are based on extensive knowledge of nuclear and chemical hazards, how to calibrate instruments to ensure accuracy of measurement, how to sample, test & analyse, assess risks, monitor, manage and report to authorities.

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and protect the safety and health of people and the environment. Necsa’s calibration facility offers a one-stop service for the repair calibration for radiation monitors instrumentation for those responsible for the monitoring of potential radiation hazards. The facility is one of few in Southern Africa that calibrates and repairs these radiation monitors. It also offers other services in terms of dimensional and pressure calibration.


We provide consultancy services related to regular Quality Control of ionizing radiation sources including, but not limited to the following:

  • Diagnostic X-ray devices in medicine.
    • Electric devices generating radiation and accelerators for radiotherapy.
    • Nuclear medicine, laboratories and other units intended for work with unsealed radioactive sources.
    • Sealed radioactive sources used for radiotherapy in medicine.
    • X-ray devices for non-destructive testing, control of baggage and packages, devices for analytical and processing control.
    • Sealed radioactive sources in non-destructive testing (Industrial radiography), well logging, gauging devices and calibration.
    • Consumer products - ionizing smoke detectors etc.


  • Planning and execution of baseline studies for prospecting.
  • Performing radiological characterization surveys to assist in the remediation of former contaminated sites and properties.
  • Worker and Public Dose Risk assessment (Safety Assessment) studies.
  • Assisting with the application for authorisation (Certificate of Registration) by the National Nuclear Regulator.
  • Development of radiation protection programmes.
  • Assessment of the integrity of sealed sources used in industry.
  • Monitoring the exposure levels of workers to radionuclides from both natural and manmade origin.
  • Verification of integrity of sealed radioactive sources by analysis of leak test smears/swabs.
  • Provision of qualified Radiation Protection Specialists; Officers and Monitors to assist with industry related compliance requirements.
  • Provision of calibrated radiological monitoring instrumentation for RP monitoring purposes.
  • Provision of individual and workplace monitoring equipment.

Necsa Labs has a total of xx RPS (with MSC); xx senior RPO/Technologist (with Post Graduate Diploma in Science) and xx RPOs (with NQF Level 5 accredited qualification). The minimum years of experience amongst our RP team is xx years with a maximum being xx years. We’ve been providing our services in different types of industries such as mining, energy, health and government sector. We have both local and international experience. All our services are operated under a certified Quality Management System.

  • Quality Management System CoR Audits (RD-005): Transnet Port Terminals; SAPS Forensic Laboratories, Vesuvius Africa;
  • Baseline Radiological Surveys:  Mkuju River Uranium Project Tanzania; Lethlakane Uranium Mine Project, Botswana; Husab Uranium Mining Project, Namibia; Mooifontein Uranium Mine Project, South Africa; Kamoa Copper Project, DRC.
  • Radiological Surveys: Mines - Gold, Uranium, Mineral Sands, Copper and Phosphate mines such as Uranium One Africa, Harmony Gold, Palabora Mining Company, Foskor, Namakwa Sands, Richards Bay Minerals, Anglogold Ashanti, Redundant uranium mining site in DRC. Other industries – Omnia Fertilizer, Indian Ocean Fertilizer, Zirtile Milling, Vesuvius Africa etc.
  • Radiological Hazard Assessments (Operational):  Same companies as above and many more
  • Radiological Public Dose Assessments: Mines such as Harmony (Randfontein Estates Gold Mines, Western Areas Gold Mine), Rossing Uranium (Namibia), Zirtile Milling, Mine in DRC.
  • Specialist Radiological Studies: A variety of specialist studies have been performed through the years by the team such as the background study for a new mining venture in the DRC (part of the EIA), studies in the handling of Zircon material (Foskor), melting and free release of contaminated scrap metals (Rand Scrap and Scaw Metals), studies for various gold mines on the free release of waste rock for construction purposes (Harmony, Anglogold Ashanti etc).
  • Radiological Clearance of Land: Many surveys and dose assessments for the clearance of former mine land for development have been performed with a number of sites being cleared by the regulator for use. Examples of such studies include Riverley X3 (Johannesburg Metropolitan Council), Rietfontein 409, Germiston (Investec), Wychwood Extensions 6, 7 and 8 (Rosadara), Ulana Township in Germiston.
  • Radiological Consultancy Services: Necsa provides this service to clients such as Transnet Port Terminals, Vesuvius, Ceracast, Thukela Refractories, Zirtlie Milling, Hulgoun Mining; The South African Medical Research Council and many more.


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