Flosep®, with more than 25 years experience in air filtration is a leader in vortex filter technology. Flosep’s team of highly skilled and innovative personnel offers a comprehensive and all-inclusive service to the industry.



A constant pressure gradient between the inlet and outlet of the filter causes dust-laden air to flow over vortex generator towards the outlet tubes. This dust-laden is spun at high velocity resulting in dust particles thrown to the wall of the separator by a centrifugal force. At this point the dust is effectively ejected by scavenge air through an opening, while the clean air flows through the outlet tube. Using this effective process filtered air is supplied to the final filter.



  • Cabin pressurization
  • Traction motor cooling
  • Switchgear cooling


  • Air filtration and cooling on Draglines, Electric shovels and Haul trucks.
  • Pre-filtration of intake air for: Internal combustion engines, Compressors and Gas Turbines.
  • Dust suppression and / or collection on Drills, Crushers and Conveyor transfer points.
  • Filtration of pressurization air for: Substations, Control Rooms, MCC Rooms, Winder houses and Compressor rooms.
  • Pre-filtration to reduce dust loads on Secondary or Final Filters such as Bag houses and Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP’s).
  • Product recovery
  • Fan protection
  • Ventilation

The major advantages of Flosep® Filters are:

  • Self cleaning
  • Compact
  • High separation efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • No moving parts

Benefits of Flosep:

  • Light and compact
  • Longer filter life
  • Reduced downtime and risk of equipment failure
  • Larger range delivers maximum engine output at full RPM while retaining a high efficiency at low RPM.
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Pre-cleaner integrates with the filter system

The Flosep® team can provide an installation service for the filtration units at the customers installation site and also provide an excellent after sales service once the installation units are installed.



Flosep® uses a mobile Isokinetic Sampling Laboratory, which consist of a computerized dual point flow control unit and data accumulation system.

Measurements are done in real time using combination probes and in accordance with BS Codes 893 for Isokinetic sampling and 3405 for pitot traverses. Particle size analysis of sampling dust can also be done with Flosep’s Malvern Mastersizer.



Several factors determine the life expectancy of a transformer:

  • The moisture content within a transformer, has a significant detrimental impact on the ageing and life span of transformers. It is for this reason that the reduction of moisture or prevention thereof should be taken into consideration in the maintenance of transformers.
  • Unlike the existing techniques, which only remove water after it has accumulated in the transformer, the DryKeep® unit performs this function on an ongoing, pro-active basis, effectively slowing down the ageing process.
  • The DryKeep® unit could, however, also be used to remove moisture from systems which had originally not been supplied with a purification system.

The main advantage of the DryKeep® unit lies within continuous moisture management, as opposed to the very rapid traditional drying methods. By implication, the DryKeep® unit has a less dramatic impact on the transformer, as it can safely purify the oil while the transformer is on load.

The system comprises one, two or three (depending on the model) completely passive cartridges which are sized to match the transformer, from 1 MVA to the largest of units. DryKeep® is fitted with its own circulation pump. Each cartridge contains high technology absorbent material designed to remove dissolved water from the oil that passes through the cartridge. As moisture migrates from insulation to the oil, it is gently removed and captured by the DryKeep® system. The system is unique in that, unlike similar drying techniques, the moisture that is removed is not released to the oil under normal service temperature changes.


New Transformers:
The total moisture content in new transformers is less than 0.5%. The DryKeep® will maintain this moisture content and eliminate moisture build-up.

Repaired Transformers:
After a major overhaul in a workshop environment, and having undergone vapour-phase treatment, the moisture content of these repaired transformers is similar to that of new transformers (less than 0.5%).

In-Service transformers:
Transformers, irrespective of age, can be fitted with DryKeep® to reduce the moisture in the transformer and eliminate moisture build-up.

Storage tanks containing transformer oil
The DryKeep® can be installed on storage tanks on the basis that it maintains the moisture content and eliminates moisture build-up.

Flosep Local Clients:

  • Dryteck
  • J Thomas Vortex Technologies
  • Middelburg Mine ECS
  • Nezrotek
  • Robustrade (pty) Ltd
  • Rotex Engineering

Flosep International Clients:

  • Alstom Transport
  • Siemens
  • Queensland Air System

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