Neutron Imaging (NRAD)

Neutron Imaging (NRAD) Upgrade of the neutron beam line instruments at the SAFARI-1 nuclear research reactor includes the installation of a modernised neutron radiography/tomography facility to contribute to the applications in the rest of this page. Non-Destructive Examination Neutron imaging is a non-destructive examination (NDE) technique that is complementary to…
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Micro-focus X-ray Radiography And Tomography Facility (MIXRAD)

Micro-focus X-ray Radiography and Tomography (MIXRAD) Instrumentation Description Computed tomography: Micro-focus X-ray Computed Tomography (micro-CT) is an attractive radiation-based research technique that provides high quality micron-level information of the interior of samples non-destructively. The principle of the technique is based  on the attenuation of X-rays through absorption and scattering, where…
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X-ray Strain Scanner (D8-Discover)

X-Ray Strain Scanner (D8 Discover) D8 Discover instrument at the Necsa’s X-ray diffraction facility. Instrument description Necsa’s stress/strain instrument is a Bruker D8 Discover diffractometer that is specifically configured for micro-diffraction (small beam) applications. It is a horizontal four-circle theta-2theta orientated goniometer, that in addition is equipped with a ¼…
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Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice The groups within the Applied Radiation department that are focused on product development are responsible for performing pipeline research to retain and enhance Necsa’s status as an internationally competitive radiochemical isotope producer, thus contributing to enhancing the quality of life. In addition to these groups developing precursors…
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Radiolabeling (RL)

Radiolabeling Group Overview The Radiolabeling group is situated in the Applied Radiation department of Research and Innovation Division at Necsa. The group benefits from the know-how and infrastructure dedicated to radiolabeling of molecules, analysis of the radiolabeled molecules, cell uptake studies as well as radio imaging. This unique combination of…
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Radiation And Reactor Theory (RRT)

Radiation And Reactor Theory (RRT) RRT aims to act as a centre of excellence with regards to reactor physics and radiation transport knowledge and capability, with focus on: Reactor physics and radiation analysis services to Necsa, as well as to national and international clients and collaborators; and Research in the…
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Flosep® Flosep®, with more than 25 years experience in air filtration is a leader in vortex filter technology. Flosep’s team of highly skilled and innovative personnel offers a comprehensive and all-inclusive service to the industry.   HOW THE Flosep® FILTER FUNCTIONS A constant pressure gradient between the inlet and outlet…
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Engineering Services

Engineering Services Industrial Manufacturing specialises in the delivery of manufacturing and maintenance services to industry in general for services requiring specialised manufacturing, machining and assembling or repair of equipment and components for the nuclear, chemical and general industry, offering a one stop service, including:   Analysis of Material Design Manufacturing…
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Projects And Consulting Services

Projects And Consulting Services We deliver Value to Our Shareholder and Stakeholders The Necsa Project Management is a key Partner in delivering Necsa Business value Our Role: Be strategic Partner. Maximise Shareholder Value. Provide High Stakeholder Satisfaction. Ensure Corporate Resilience. Project Management Organisation Our Strategic Framework Includes: Portfolio Management Support…
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SAFARI-1 History Since it’s commissioning on 18th March 1965, SAFARI-1 has achieved many outstanding successes, after 1995 it became one of the top three nuclear research reactors in the world concerning safe and reliable operations with the aim to serve all stakeholders for more than 20 years. SAFARI- 1 has…
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